1. Sometimes we go through challenges so that we can gain an important lesson from it. In The Emperor's New Groove, Kuzco had to go through a difficult journey before he found true friends & happiness. Whatever hardships you endure may lead to something good! Don't give up! Happy Nat
  2. #AdventOnPost #AdventOnPost2023 Day 9 and also Happy #Nationalllamaday yes it’s celebrate Llamas Day and apparently National #Christmascardday . so have a good one if you celebrate that… and thanks to @fraudesswrites for reminding me. 🙂 So a 10 yep TEN pho
  3. It's National Llama Day | December 9th, 2023

    According to one source , National Llama Day was first celebrated in 1932, after it was recognized how important the llama was in Canada, following a drought in the province of Manitoba, where many livestock died, especially sheep. Indeed, there were droughts in Canada during the