1. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) recently engineered a Supreme Court ruling legalizing a flagrant form of corruption — but he’s not done. Popular Information reports that the radio company platforming his podcast is funneling ad revenue into a Super PAC bankrolling Cruz’s reelect
  2. National Association of Broadcasters strongly objects to #FCC proposal for sunshine disclosures of so-called retransmission disputes between broadcasters and cable that result in people not being able to see some #television content or blackouts.
  3. Who is Raoul A. Cortez? Google Doodle honors Mexican-American broadcaster's birthday

    October 17 marks Raoul A. Cortez's birthday, and today's Google Doodle was designed to celebrate the Mexican-American broadcaster. By Gabe Hauari, USA TODAY Tuesday would have been Raoul A. Cortez's 118th birthday, and to celebrate the occasion he's being honored in today's Google