1. Guys, I JUST WON* NaNoWriMo!** *you don't win anything, just means you wrote 50,000 words in the month of November ** #Nanowrimo2023
  2. #NaNoWriMo2023 Day 27: I made it to over 50K words. Are all those words worth saving to wedge into K-Rave? No, not really. Was it beneficial to practice dictation every day? Most definitely. From the Full Hunter’s Moon to the Full Beaver’s Moon I’ve been writing & it felt good.
  3. #NaNoWriMo2023 Day 26: Foreigners who marry Japanese nationals find out the hard way that if they get a divorce they can lose all access to the children forever, because of the way the Japanese laws are set up. Co-Parenting or Joint Custody is unheard of in Japan. They are SOL.
  4. #NaNoWriMo2023 Day 25: Just because a revolution takes place and tears down the old government doesn't mean that those people involved in that revolution have a plan on what should come next. "Plan?" Pig Killer says to Mad Max, "I ain't got no plan."
  5. #NaNoWriMo2023 Day 24: In his mind she was always 20 years old. That was the memory he held. To see the vid of an old grandmother, waving a wooden spoon around in the air, yelling at people to get out of the kitchen, it just broke his brains. More than that it broke his heart.
  6. #NaNoWriMo2023 Day 22: 60 years ago JFK was killed. My older sister was sitting on the roof of our grandfather’s house in Japan, with school chums, when she found out. I was in the States, in 8th grade, in English class, when I found out. Where were you?
  7. #Nanowrimo2023 Day 18: Looking into buying property in Morocco. No tax for 5 years. Don't have to be a citizen. Just can't buy agricultural land. But, and this is the big obstacle, all business is done in Arabic or French. Foreigners can get scammed in Morocco as they do at home.