1. Celebrating 4/20 With Purpose: Wana Brands Surpasses $4.2M In Charitable Donations Since 2021

    By Patricio Liddle Wana Brands and its philanthropic counterpart, the Wana Brands Foundation , are lifting the 4/20 holiday spirit through their #4ward20 campaign. They celebrate surpassing $4.2 million in donations to over 150 charities since 2021, demonstrating a steadfast commit
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    By Abbey Higginbotham Nancy Whiteman , the co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands , has been recognized as one of the most influential figures in the global cannabis industry. Her strategic vision and leadership have propelled Wana Brands to the forefront of the cannabis edibles market,
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    By Joana Scopel As the 4th of July celebrations approach, several cannabis brands are introducing new products to enhance the holiday experience. Discover the latest cannabis products in this exclusive round-up from Benzinga . Lime Margarita-flavored Gummies by Wana Brands Wana Brands