1. #uspolitics #WHCD - "Smart". #Biden came out and landed ~10 solid hits on #putz in 2 minutes. They were harsh and chosen to get under his skin, and will. If I were the #RNC I'd be seriously worried that Joe is going to ruin their candidate in the first few minutes of a debate,
  3. Joe Biden remembers that Putin is our enemy. #MyPresident
  4. #Mypresident
  5. Personal life of Young Jeezy's wife: What is she doing after the divorce?

    By Alice Wabwile Young Jeezy's wife, Jeannie Mai, is an American television host known for hosting The Real and How Do I Look? She tied the knot with the Atlanta rapper in early 2021, but he shocked fans when he filed for divorce two years after their wedding. What led to their sp
  6. #MyPresident