1. Just finished my 6th Book Review of the Year!! The US Confederacy Secession in 1861 wasn't the first one for Texas about Slavery- they had bailed on Mexico in 1835 over the same issue. The Mexicans had welcomed the Americans for their farming and business prowess- but many of the
  2. None of this ammunition fits the Original 2nd Amendment Musket.
  3. The Springfield Model 1842 Smoothbore Musket Saw Use on Both Sides of the Civil War Before Traveling West

    By George Layman Among the most widely used and distributed percussion muskets, the Springfield Model 1842 was the last .69-caliber smoothbore arm issued to the U.S. Army. Some 275,000 rolled off the assembly lines—172,000 from the namesake federal armory in Springfield, Mass., an
  4. Guns fired across downtown and howitzers blasted on the Common as the Ancient and Honorables once again change leadership #Boston #BostonCommon #history #muskets #pikes