1. Have a fallen through a vortex into an alternate reality à la Haruki Murakami? Over the last several days none of my wall clocks are keeping the correct time, even after battery changes. They’re ticking fine & completely wrong. 😳
  2. BLIND WILLOW SLEEPING WOMAN - awaited for me for a while, this animated adaptation of multiple #Murakami stories (not just from the title volume) delivers on both melancholia and quirky humour of his work. Fans will love it, for sure #surrealism #animation #film #cinema #review 8
  3. Worldcrunch Magazine #45 — The Siege On Democracies

    By Worldcrunch This is the latest edition of Worldcrunch Magazine , a selection of our best articles of the week from the best international journalists, produced exclusively in English for Worldcrunch readers. >> DISCOVER IT HERE << This week's cover story, by Marcelo Cantelmi, for