1. Happy Surprise

    The light had gotten very dusky that afternoon; so, I wasn't expecting much from the western bluebird shots. The sun had already gone below the crest of the mountain range. When I got home, I thought the lighting and the colors were awesome. I guess the lesson is... just keep
  2. Massive Tectonic Collision Causing Himalayas To Grow May Also Be Splitting Tibet Apart

    “Tibet may be tearing in two beneath the rising Himalayas, with pieces of the continental plate peeling off like the lid off a tin of fish, researchers have discovered. According to new research presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union and posted as a pre-
  3. Just One Long Mountain Range

    shared article -- H/T Tasa Graphic Arts When we think of mountain ranges, we don't usually think of them for what they really are, geological formations that can span the entire planet. However, that's exactly what this map depicts. It shows how the Appalachian mountains in the U.S.