1. I'll add #MoralClarity
  2. Farewell, Liz Magill

    #HappyHanukkah #Happy4thNight Had to drop in to wish Kol Yisrael a happy 4th night. Hanukkah Sameach! I bid a fond farewell to Liz Magill! One down two to go!! P.S. Columbia Law School Dean just resigned too. Moral clarity is important. Free speech doesn't give you a license to s
  3. Second gentleman rips ‘lack of moral clarity’ among university leaders amid rising tide of antisemitism

    By Donald Judd, CNN Second gentleman Doug Emhoff issued a stark warning amid the rising tide of anti-Jewish hate in the two months since Hamas’ attack on Israel during remarks at the National Menorah lighting ceremony Thursday. “What have we seen? We’ve seen the presidents of some
  4. Closest thing I have heard to moral clarity:
  5. Israel has every right to root-out Hamas terrorist and neutralize the threat to its citizens. And Israel must abide by the laws of war and avoid civilian casualties. Hamas is the belligerent. Israel is defending itself. It’s time for some moral clarity.