1. Costco carries Grandmother's, but it is too light. I usually purchase Plantation Blackstrap when out shopping. I'm the one who pulls out every bottle to check the label as each run will have different nutrient results. And boy, do I get the looks when I tip each bottle looking fo
  2. Some Virginia hams are salt cured OLD VIRGINIA SMITHFIELD HAM RECIPE Soak ham twenty-four hours in plenty of water to which has been added one-half cup black molasses, one-half pound brown sugar, handful of spice. Take out of this water and put into fresh water to which has been ad
  3. Tanzania: How Tanzania Can Reduce Petrol-Import Dependency

    By Bernard Lugongo / Daily News [Daily News]India -- INDIA : INDIAN top players in the energy sector have argued that Tanzania can also reduce fuel import bills like India if it turns to producing ethanol from sugarcane or agricultural residues. The ethanol will reduce the amount of
  4. How Regulation Came to Be: The Great Molasses Flood

    Molasses flowing in January. (Some of it uphill since it was a 15 foot wall of molasses.) #HowRegulationCameToBe #Regulation #History #Molasses #January #Boston #PurityDistillingCompany #StorageTank #Suffocation #Horses #Euthanization #ClassActionLawsuit #Anarchists #LaissezFaire