1. いよいよ地獄の釜の蓋が開いた。先週も火曜日帰り愛知、からの木曜から東京。まあまあなハードな調整をこなしつつ長らくお世話になったイエサブスケールさんに行けたのは良かった。東京といえばイエサブスケールくらいの勢いで上京するたびに通ってはマシーネンだの航空機だの買っていた。その後だいたい模型仲間と合流して飲みに行ったっけ・・。最近はもっぱら会食になってしまいその時間がとれない。最後の買い物はレベルのGTOと少し迷ったけどコロネット。ありがとうございました。そして完全に不眠症が復活してしまった。会食後ホテルに帰宿し、早々にシャワーを浴び、仕事のメールを片付け、ベ
  2. Manfred Derschug

    A retrospective on the designer and his legendary Brillant V. In 1972 the Brillant V RC glider was introduced and soon became a legend. It was sold for over 30 years. The latest version I could find is from 2020. With a wingspan of 2760mm and a weight of 1300g, it was one of the l
  3. It's Time to Raise the 250g Limit

    A 1kg limit proposed by FAA-recognized, community-based organizations strikes a better balance. It has become increasingly apparent there are subjects of sufficient importance that they warrant long-form, guest editorials. To that end, we welcome Adam Weston as our first contribut
  4. Spencer Lisenby Shatters Own Record, Pushes Transonic DP to 907km/h

    BIRD SPRING PASS, California — Flying a Transonic DP ballasted to 9.2kg (325oz) Spencer Lisenby rocketed past his own dynamic soaring (DS) speed record to clock a run of 907km/h (564mph). As the New RC Soaring Digest reported back in January of 2021, Lisenby’s previous record was