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  3. Razer Kishi Ultra Offers Full-Sized Controller for Your Phone or iPad Mini

    By Michael Kan Razer is back with a new Kishi gamepad for your smartphone. But this time, the product is even larger, giving you the feel of a full-sized controller. The $149.99 Kishi Ultra can attach to a smartphone or even an 8-inch tablet, allowing you to game using physical bu
  4. Apple AirTag Review

    By Eric Zeman You'll never lose something in the couch again. Apple's AirTag ($29) leverages tight iOS integration and the world's massive network of iOS devices to create a Bluetooth tracker that's uncommonly easy to set up, use, and locate—especially compared with Tile. Yes, we
  5. Charge Up to Three Device With This $43 Wireless Charging Station

    By StackCommerce Team Keeping your tech arsenal well-charged throughout the day can be a real challenge. Doing so without cluttering your home or office's aesthetic can also be tricky. Fortunately, you can consolidate your charging needs into one neat package with the MagStack. The
  6. How to Protect Yourself Against AirTag and Tile Stalking

    By Steven Winkelman, Chandra Steele Bluetooth trackers , including Apple's AirTag and all of the Tiles , are terrific little tools for helping you find your lost keys or remote. Unfortunately, they can also be easily slipped in a bag or affixed on a car for the purpose of stalking. A
  7. Amazon Adds 'Frequently Returned' Warning to FineWoven iPhone Cases

    By Kate Irwin So many Amazon customers are returning Apple's "FineWoven" iPhone cases that the e-commerce giant now displays a warning message on the case's product listing page. The message, which appears in an orange box with a triangle symbol, states: "Frequently returned item.
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