1. Are you looking for a home with an oversized mantel, a workshop to make stuff, and a spot for your reindeer? Whatever is on your home list, I can help you find it. Let's find your dream home this year! #thehelpfulagent #home #houseexpert #house #listreports #homeowner #happyhome
  2. “Holiday Affair” 1949 📽️ Comedy/Romance (on MAX) Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh - Here's a romantic Yuletide treat that'll take your heart for a merry sleigh ride--Mitchum playing “Santa" to a lovely young widow! And wait'll he finds out the mistletoe's loaded! #ClassicMovie
  3. Paramedic gives tips on baby proofing your Christmas tree and warns of 5 killer dangers

    By Mizy Judah Clifton A paramedic has shared three killer dangers that might be lurking on your Christmas tree and ways to baby-proof the festive set up. Decorating your home for Christmas can be fun for the whole family where everyone can chip in, from the very young to the very o
  4. The Legends and Traditions of Holiday Plants

    Over 15,000 Christmas tree farms across the country use ~350,000 acres of land to grow 350+ million trees. Wassailing is the tradition of going from house to house caroling, eating, drinking, and socializing with friends and relatives. Wassailing, however, was originally an impo