1. Zeolites for Detergents Market Size To Grow USD 2.58 billion By 2035 | CAGR of 2.7% Zeolites for Detergents Market Overview: Zeolites for Detergents are a family of alum inosilicate, microporous minerals distinguished by their special capacity to function as molecular sieves. The
  2. Jaw-dropping Cave of Crystals has a deadly secret

    By Harriet Brewis A stunning underground cavern, hailed as the “ Sistine Chapel of crystals”, has been found to have a deadly secret. The cave, which is located in Chihuahua, Mexico , is filled with some of the largest natural crystals on the planet – with some as big as trees. It lie
  3. Check out how fans reacted after seeing a sassy man in high heels flaunting his educational achievements

    By Berlinda Entsie A brilliant man went viral on TikTok for a video showcasing his impressive educational achievements in geology Lebo G Molax rocked a stylish outfit while proudly displaying his four academic belts representing his geology specialisations He confidently declared th
  4. Researchers Find Oldest Evidence Of Earth’s Magnetic Field

    shared media article shared paper “ABSTRACT: Recovering ancient records of Earth's magnetic field is essential for determining the role of the magnetosphere in protecting early Earth from cosmic radiation and atmospheric escape. We present paleomagnetic field tests hinting that a r
  5. Exploring Mars' Red Hue: Geological & Atmospheric Factors

    This article delves into the intricate geological and atmospheric processes that contribute to the distinctive red hue of Mars. Through an in-depth analysis of various factors including mineralogy, surface chemistry, and atmospheric conditions, this post aims to elucidate the ori
  6. Evidence Of One Of The Largest Explosive Eruptions Ever Recorded In The Aegean Sea

    “The Greek archipelago of Santorini consists of the remains of a powerful volcano. Members of the international IODP expedition "Hellenic Arc Volcanic Field" have now found evidence of one of the largest eruptions ever recorded in the southern Aegean Arc. In their paper published
  7. Stunning Flower bouquet plume agate from #Oregon #geology #Agate #Mineralogy 💎