1. Rich leave London in droves for Florida, Dubai and Paris as UK has world's second-biggest millionaire exodus

    By Daniel O'Boyle Millionaires are leaving the UK faster than any country in the world except China, new data shows, as the rich ditch London for Dubai, Paris and Florida. According to the Henley Private Wealth Migration Report, 9,500 millionaires, defined in US dollar terms, left
  2. Seattle Millionaires on the Rise but City Itself Remains Broke

    By Theo Burman Despite significant increases in Seattle's millionaire population, the city is facing bankruptcy in several key spending areas, including education. According to data from wealth management firm Henley & Partners, Seattle's millionaire population increased by 3,700 i
  3. Is There Too Much Inequality In America? | Opinion

    By William Cooper The distribution of wealth in America is grotesquely uneven. One can find in the same American city—on the same American street —individuals worth billions of dollars (more than the GDP of numerous countries ) and people without a home or reliable source of food. I
  4. 1 in 24 New Yorkers is a millionaire as world’s wealthiest cities ranked

    By Graig Graziosi More millionaires live in New York City than anywhere else on the planet, according to a new global ranking of wealthy cities . The report was produced by Henley & Partners and was first reported by Bloomberg . According to the data, one in 24 people in New York City
  5. Elon Musk-Led Tesla's Home Of Austin Is America's Fastest-Growing City For Millionaires, But China's Silicon Valley Proves More Prosperous For Ultra-Rich

    By Shanthi Rexaline The United States maintains its position as the world’s wealthiest country , boasting the highest number of cities with a significant population of resident millionaires, according to a recent report. However, the city experiencing the fastest growth in ultra-ri
  6. National Lottery: Lotto jackpot claimed as lucky Brit ticket-holder wins £5.2m

    By Kelly-Ann Mills A lucky winner has claimed a huge £5.2million jackpot on the National Lottery . The player matched the six winning Lotto numbers and was the only ticket to select them all on Wednesday, April 17. They will receive the £5,281,290 jackpot once their claim has been v
  7. National Lottery: Set for Life player yet to claim £10k-a-month for a year - check tickets

    By Hedi Mehrez & Ewan Gleadow A lucky player has won the National Lottery's Set For Life prize of £10k per month for a year - but they haven't claimed it yet. The National Lottery is now looking for this missing winner who bought their Lotto ticket in Medway, Kent. The winning numb
  8. German-Austrian millionaire heiress Marlene Engelhorn, part of the effort described below, expresses her views during a rally at the World Economic Forum in Davos #Photography #Photographs #Pictures #Photos #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalismPhotography #Politics #News #WorldNews #
  9. After Bryce Told His Millionaire Secret on The Trust, He Had No Clue How to Deal With the Reactions

    Bryce got himself in trouble on The Trust by admitting he’s a young millionaire. Others wanted him out so Lindsey tried to coach him on how to respond. Problem is, he’s completely clueless about, well, everything. 2nd TikTok today: You can also see just how out-of-touch Bryce was
  10. Nyeri's Wealth Titans: Unveiling the Richest Individuals, Their Business Empires

    By Japhet Ruto The Africa Wealth Report 2023, released by Henley & Partners, showed that Kenya's millionaires grew by 30% to 7,700 Among the richest people from Nyeri county are Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and the Mwai Kibaki family Former Nyeri senator Ephraim Maina is also o