1. Army National Guard’s bonus backlog started with 2018 Pentagon fire

    By Davis Winkie The Army National Guard’s continued failure to pay enlistment bonuses in a timely manner dates back to a 2018 Pentagon fire, according to documents reviewed by Army Times. According to a Military.com report , the National Guard Bureau is tracking more than 9,000 deli
  2. Navy fires pay and personnel center XO

    By Geoff Ziezulewicz Editor’s note: this story has been updated. The Navy fired the second-in-command of the Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center on Sept. 1, officials confirmed Monday. Few details were provided regarding precisely why Cmdr. Brandon T. DeHaan was relieved as the un
  3. Fox News apologises over false story claiming dead marine’s family ‘paid for remains to be returned to US’

    By Namita Singh Fox News apologised for publishing a false news story claiming the family of a fallen US marine was forced to shoulder a $60,000 bill for the return of her remains from Afghanistan. In a story published last month, the outlet initially claimed the Gold Star family o
  4. "The Marine Corps worked...to convince Fox News to retract its false story claiming a Gold Star family was forced to pay $60,000 to ship the remains of a Marine killed in Afghanistan, according to emails obtained by Military.com."
  5. Sayings and lessons from the outgoing sergeant major of the Army

    By Todd South From social media to interviews with reporters to taking the stage at numerous events over his four-year tenure as the service’s top enlisted soldier, Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston has offered many quips, aphorisms and no-nonsense advice to soldiers