1. Ronaldo becomes the 1st player to be top goalscorer in four different leagues

    Cristiano Ronaldo achieved two new feats after his record-breaking season with Al-Nassr The 39-year-old smashed the goal-scoring record for a single season with his 35 strikes His long-time girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, could not help but praise him for his records PAY ATTENTION:
  2. #FourYearsAgoToday : In just under four months, more than 100,000 Americans are now reported to have died from the novel coronavirus, a grim milestone President Donald Trump once suggested the country would never see. Roughly a month ago, [he] said, `It looks like we'll be at abou
  3. Holy Smokes!

    By Jay Kuo I was speaking to my niece Camille last night about my journey as an appellate lawyer turned Broadway composer turned Substack writer. I wanted her to understand that lives and careers don’t have to be linear! She asked when I began The Status Kuo , and I realized that,
  4. Watch: Eric Omondi’s Little Kyla Takes Her First Adorable Crawl

    By John Green Comedian Eric Omondi was over the moon after his adorable daughter with lover Lynne Njihia crawled for the first time Omondi attached a USB cable to a power bank and was pulling it on the floor as his daughter Kyla Omondi followed it The father was not the only one who
  5. With great pleasure, I would like to announce that later this Summer, I will receive the ACE Rising Star Award 2024 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I thank Zach Labin for the nomination and the association's kind consideration. I will work hard to own up to the advance praise! #mileston
  6. I'm dipping my toe into the bluesky (the world must be upside down!) so if you'd like to reconnect on that platform, please find me as @krismgates.bsky.social Today, I'm copying down the fantastic recipes that I had bookmarked for saving on Post and some of my own writing for po
  7. The World As They Knew It - The Legacy Of Greco-Roman Mapmaking

    “Long before people could look upon Earth from afar, completing a full orbit every 90 minutes, the Greeks and the Romans of antiquity had to struggle to understand their world’s size and shape. Their approaches differed: the philosophical Greeks, it has been said, measured the wo
  8. 8 Montessori-inspired phrases to use for each stage of potty training

    By Christina Clemer As parents we look forward to milestones like introducing baby to their first foods and watching them take their first steps—but for some reason, potty training doesn’t exactly incite the same feelings of excitement. Part of this is undoubtedly the mess. But ano
  9. Things to do with baby: An activity guide for your baby’s first year

    By Jessica D'Argenio Waller, MS, CNS, LDN Each month in your baby’s first year brings new surprises, from their first smile to their first steps. As your little one grows, their developmental needs evolve, and that’s when finding fun activities to nurture their growth becomes esse
  10. More kids are having ‘fiver’ birthday parties—and it’s pretty genius

    By Lana Hallowes, Babyology A few years ago, my son was invited to a ‘fiver’ birthday. A fiver what? I remember thinking as I turned the invitation over for the “please explain” bit on the back. Then when I read it, I realized that this is perhaps the best birthday party trend sin