1. Clever hack allows you to cook 'delicious' fried egg in 40 seconds without actually frying

    By Gemma Strong A woman has shared a clever and quick hack for cooking a perfect fried egg - and there's not a frying pan in sight. Eggs - whether scrambled , fried, boiled or poached - are a quick and easy go-to when you're feeling hungry. And while they are relatively simple to ma
  2. Man's astonishing jacket potato trick cooks them in 10 minutes with no oven

    By Niamh Kirk Sometimes there's nothing better than a humble jacket potato paired with all of your favourite toppings - and now one cook has shared how you can rustle one up in just 10 minutes. One of the biggest of reasons people avoid plumping for the humble baked potato is becau
  3. How to make the best homemade popcorn in a microwave with this trick

    If you love popcorn, but don’t love the pre-packaged stuff, you’re not alone. Here’s the best method to easily make perfect popcorn at home. By Maryal Miller Carter, USA TODAY If you’re a popcorn fanatic but don’t love the overpriced, pre-bagged stuff or the questionable ingredient
  4. Day 1422 of Covid As expected, proofing and editing took all day. Errors were minor, but needed fixing, nonetheless. Good thing that the all-day rain caused cancellation of the water aerobics class. Frank made cheese and crackers heated in microwave for 30 seconds. Had never thought o
  5. Mum cooks 'delicious' spaghetti bolognese using microwave - some say it's 'lifesaver'

    By Zahna Eklund Making spaghetti bolognese has never been easier with this handy time-saving hack . Finding time to cook healthy meals can be tricky when so many of us lead incredibly busy lives. Grabbing a ready meal from a supermarket or stopping off at a fast food drive-thru on t