1. Seeing The World Through Water

    Cool water droplet and water refraction photography by various artists for #WaterWednesday . First, the intersection of nature and water in a series of stunning, incredible, vibrant photos by Don Komarechka : Next, a droplet that looks as though it contains a whole galaxy or univers
  2. Our Cool, Weird, Hidden World -- In Photos

    Life, naked and invisible to the human eye, teems all around us. The winners of Nikon's 2023 Macro Photography Competition rip off the invisibility cloak to reveal life, nature, animals, and our human bodies in all their majesty, beauty, weirdness, coolness, structure, and comple
  3. The Art of Susumu Nishinaga

    After my last post on award-winning microscope photos, I went down a rabbit hole to see what human blood vessels may look like after a heart attack. Which led me to a Japanese artist and microscopist Susumu Nishinaga who has a unique talent with SEM images. Thanks to a blog post
  4. Photography is Art. I'm firmly convinced of that. Here are some amazing photos from Nikon's 2019 Small World Microscope competition that blew me away. First, the cross-section of a tulip bud by Andrei Savitsky: Next, the exquisite fluorescent photo of a turtle embryo which took fi