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  2. Disappointed family members from abroad who feel defrauded voice out

    By Berlinda Entsie A Nigerian family were informed by the handler of their building project that it would be completed by December During the Christmas period, the family visited the property in the village in high hopes but were disappointed Ejiofor Chibueze Charles, a building exp
  3. A first-year medical student was learning about ultrasounds. She found something unexpected about her own health

    By Ashley R. Williams, CNN With a pink, week-old surgical wound etched across a few inches of her neck, medical student Sally Rohan said somehow, she’d never had a scar until now. “This is my first,” Rohan, a second-year medical student at the New Jersey-based Rowan-Virtua School o
  4. Fears common childhood virus can trigger devastating condition later in life

    By Miriam Stoppard Back in my medical student days, when we could not figure out the cause of a disease , we’d more often than not blame a virus. Well, now the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has come up with evidence showing how the Epstein-Barr virus can trigger mult