1. Is gut health linked to mental health? We know they’re connected but how remains a mystery, Northeastern researcher says

    It was an act of desperation: A woman with irritable bowel syndrome was looking for relief from her symptoms. She decided to try an at-home fecal microbiota, aka a “poop transplant.” Used to treat C. diff bacterial infections, this treatment can help introduce “good microbiomes” t
  2. Hanna et al are the first to show active viral replication of the SARS-CoV-2 delta-variant in the placenta assoc. with vertical transmission in a preterm infant. The placenta had a high load of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with subgenomic viral RNA. #COVID #press #medicine
  3. New US liver transplant policy raises cost and equity concerns, according to new study

    By Deidre McPhillips, CNN Changes to the policy that governs how liver transplants are allocated in the United States were meant to increase the number of transplants and make the process more equitable, but a new study raises concerns that it’s putting certain underserved communi
  4. Ancient Egyptians were ‘trying to treat cancer 4,000 years ago’ - Tech & Science Daily

    By Jon Weeks Listen here or on your chosen podcast platform . Scientists believe the ancient Egyptians were trying to understand, and possibly treat, cancer 4,000 years ago . Researchers have found evidence of cut marks on a skull around a large lesion thought to have been caused by a
  5. Johnson & Johnson to Acquire Numab's Yellow Jersey Therapeutics for an Aggregate of ~$1.25B

    By PharmaShots Shots: Johnson & Johnson has signed a definitive agreement with Numab Therapeutics, acquiring Yellow Jersey Therapeutics (Numab’s subsidiary) to gain worldwide rights of NM26 for an aggregate of ~$1.25B in cash NM26, a bispecific Ab, will be progressing to P-II stud
  6. Male Birth Control Pill Gets One Step Closer: What We Know

    By Joe Edwards Researchers have made a breakthrough that could represent a major step forward in making the male "pill" a reality. The Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Drug Discovery's research focused on a compound that can inhibit a particular protein crucial for fertility
  7. AlphaFold2: Transforming Structure-Based Drug Discovery

    Researchers discovered that AlphaFold2's predictions could, in some cases, replace traditional experimental methods like X-ray crystallography. Know More: #AlphaFold2 #DrugDiscovery #proteinstructure #AI #computationalbiology #xraycrystallography #drugdesign #medicalresearch #Futu
  8. What is the skin cancer vaccine undergoing trials?

    By Lola Christina Alao Doctors have begun phrase III trials for the world’s first personalised mRNA cancer vaccine for melanoma . Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer , affecting about 132,000 people a year across the globe. In phase II of the trials, it was found tha
  9. What Is 'Auto-Brewery Syndrome'? Man Whose Body Makes Alcohol Beats DUI Rap

    By Carlo Versano A 40-year-old Belgian man made international headlines this week when he beat a drunk-driving charge despite evidence from a breathalyzer test that found he was more than four times the legal limit. But the man swore he hadn't been drinking at all when he was pull
  10. Sanity Group: Transforming European Cannabis Policy, Public View Through Learning And Novelty

    By Abbey Higginbotham Sanity Group is leading a change in the perception and regulation of cannabis across Europe. Centering on the untapped potential of cannabinoids for health, the company based in Berlin is bridging historical misconceptions with modern recognition of cannabis’