1. 'Daughters of the Cult' air date, synopsis and the real-life story behind Ervil LeBaron the 'Mormon Manson'

    By Dean Williams Documentary miniseries name: Daughters of the Cult Platform: Hulu Country of origin: USA Date of Release: January 4, 2024: Genre: True Crime What is 'Daughters of the Cult' about? 'Daughters of the Cult' revolves around the polygamous Mormon offshoot Church of the Firs
  2. 'Hello Ghost' | Air date, plot, cast and is the Netflix movie worth watching

    By Dean Williams Movie name: Hello Ghost Platform: Netflix Country of origin: Indonesia Date of Release: December 18, 2023 Genre: Comedy Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes What is the plot of 'Hello Ghost'? The movie revolves around the troubled Kresna, who after a botched suicide attempt finds