1. Hi, Hope everyone is okay. So my competition entries…. I know you’re all tired of this now… me too… 😉 8 Photos 📸’s first 3 I’ve been thinking about, but sadly nope they’ll be sent with yesterday’s photos to Suffolk Owls, to use if they want on Social Media….so 3 runners up below
  2. Hi, So my Competition entries. These are the 5 Runners-Up...and one’s I’ve sadly put to one side. I went through all the new comments, and revisited the previous comments, then it came down to how sharp the images are. I am going to send these photos to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary on a
  3. I have 6, I can only enter 5!!

    Guess Who… 🙄 I’m sorry, I’ve been through all the comments, likes and re posts… thank you again. By far Smokey and Bandit are the favourite… understandable they are brilliant when they fly together.. So in no particular order we have 1) ‘Kruger’ …’Attack’ very popular in comments
  4. I’m aiming to go through likes, comments tomorrow… try and get these photos down to 5!! 🙁Thank you to everyone who liked, commented on these during last week, it was so appreciated. I’d become a bit blinded by all of them. I’ll be in touch if I need any further help.👍😊 Although t
  5. I’m now busy tomorrow, ☹️ So last one of the ‘Help Mark choose photographs for his local Owl Sanctuary Photo Competition’ … Preliminary stage!! I might do a knock out round next week? So ‘Smokey’ and ‘Bandit’ I’ve got this down to 7 photos📸, as always likes, comments if any
  6. Owl Photo Comp Entries cont. Back again 🙄 6 photos 📸… ‘Kruger’ daredevil Mackinder’s Eagle Owl … likes / comments/ favourite if any ? Thank you🙂👍🦉📸©️ #MackindersEagleOwl #SuffolkOwlSanctuary #RaptorHospital #Photography #PhotosOnPost #postpics #MDAComp23 #MDAZ6 #nature #ni
  7. Owl Comp 3 😉 7 photos 📸!! Last lot for today…..You’ve all been brilliant and probably need a break, but first. ‘Tura’ my adopted Owl… I really can’t choose… so over to you lovely people… as before, likes, comments, I might put 2 through to a knock out stage, see how things work