1. The mystical F'haer Zhae Rhaeun lantern.

    Prompt: The winding magicks of faery observance illuminate the confines of the mystical F'haer Zhae Rhaeun lantern. Modifiers: fantasy holographic retrofuturism dystopian heat wave fractal tesselation ink drawing maximalism gothic art splash art #AIArtworks #NightCafe #digitalartis
  2. Dopamine Decor Is the Happiest Home Trend of the Moment—Here’s How to Do It Right

    By Kelsey Mulvey When it comes to interior design , there’s a good chance you fall into one of two schools of thought: Sleek, pared-back minimalism or unapologetic maximalism . In the never-ending debate of less versus more, it seems like maximalism is having its moment as the desig
  3. Purple Gang III

    My work has always been heavily influenced by collage, but instead of cobbling together imagery that others have printed, I draw or paint all of the content myself. The Purple Gang III series from 1995 consists of twenty 45” x 45” panels that are made by gluing 16 separate drawin
  4. Movie Time: Victorians Oh Yeah, 2015

    The series that precedes 2023’s just completed “Wabi Sabi Circus” drawing series was 2015’s “Victorians Oh Yeah.” That series consisted of 12 variable size (approx. 16:9 aspect) digital collages. This newly created video shows each panel divided in two sequential details (in orde
  5. What's Next: Return To Form?

    For those purists that prefer their collage to be analog or made by cutting and pasting scraps of paper, I created a series called: PD3 Glitch Collage Studies back in 2010. There’s a total of 48 pieces in the series. And like my more recent works ( Wabi Sabi Circus ), which were dr
  6. New Wabi Sabi Circus Video

    As requested, here’s a video of all 40 of the Wabi Sabi Circus drawing project pieces that I just completed. If you’d like to see them a bit slower, they are all posted one at a time on my profile page for you to check out without the rush. Thanks again for your kind support of m
  7. New Work

    Wayne Edson Bryan, Daily Cry/Wabi Sabi Circus Series, 2023, 45 layers of ink on paper drawings, digitally colored and assembled, 8 x 8 inches. #art #artistoninstagram #wayneedsonbryan #newwork #contemporarycollage #contemporarydrawing #contemporaryabstractart #contemporaryart #lay