1. Elon Musk's chilling AI claim could come to fruition with huge 'Matrix' investment

    By Zita Whalley & Zita Whalley Elon Musk's chilling prediction that AI will surpass human intelligence by 2025 could become a reality next year, with an $100bn investment in 'Matrix'-like technology . Tech expert and author of Taming the Machine: Ethically harness the power of AI,
  2. Peter Andre hints newborn could be named after world-famous A-list star

    By Laura Carreno Peter Andre is gearing up for the arrival of his fifth child , his third with wife Emily MacDonagh , and the couple don't have long to settle on a name. The Mysterious Girl singer shared his ideas in his weekly column for New! Magazine and he admitted to gaining insp
  3. WhatsApp Chats Will Soon Work With Other Encrypted Messaging Apps

    New EU rules mean WhatsApp and Messenger must be interoperable with other chat apps. Here’s how that will work. By Matt Burgess A frequent annoyance of contemporary life is having to shuffle through different messaging apps to reach the right person. Messenger , iMessage , WhatsApp ,
  4. The Fight to Unite iPhone and Android Users Is Far From Over

    Apple crushed Beeper Mini, an app that let Android users into Apple’s iMessage service. Beeper cofounder Eric Migicovsky says interoperability between Big Tech’s walled gardens is urgently needed. By Lauren Goode Is this the way the walled garden ends: not with a bang but a beep? I

    QUESTION ASKED : If everything is an illusion, then what is the point of the material world, dharma, karma? Why aren't we just spiritual beings then ? MY VIEWS : Yes in-spite of being in the illusion world, we still have a role to play and so we are here by the wish of GOD. The sub
  6. Hey Morpheus, can I get a do-over? #AskSongsOrMoviesQuestions … #Matrix #coffeemug #Coffee
  7. Hey Morpheus, can I get a do-over? #AskSongsOrMoviesQuestions … #Matrix #tshirts #tshirtshop