1. Alleged victims of influencer Andrew Tate being intimidated, their lawyers say

    BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Witnesses and alleged victims of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate are being harassed and intimidated in an effort to silence them, their lawyers said on Thursday. The accusations were denied by a Tate spokesperson. Tate was indicted in June along
  2. Tesla Is Changing How Men Are Jerks Behind the Wheel #Business #Tesla #Lifestyle #Culture #Men #Guys #Masculinity #Masculine #Psychology
  3. Former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo called Hollywood men “bumbling, useless idiots” with a poor understanding of masculinity. #kevinsorbo #hollywood #timotheechalamet #billyporter #masculine Full Story Here
  4. Spirituality and sexuality

    At some point it will also be easier to talk about the intersection of spirituality and sexuality. There's absolutely a heteronormative bias in much popular spiritual discourse today. One obvious example is the way the whole concept of family and how family trees are discussed. Ad
  5. Classic, Just Like You.

    [Please Share!] What? You haven't tried Astra Planeta yet?!?! And you call yourself a tobacco man! #ShameOnThee Astra Planeta, The Quintessential Tobacco Scent! (at least we believe this to be true... & believe you will too .) Scent Profile : Black Pepper, Petitgrain, Grapefruit, Ner