1. US stock settlement switch faces early resilience test

    By: Laura Matthews and Sinead Cruise NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) -Participants in the United States' multitrillion-dollar securities markets face an early test of their ability to cope with regulatory reforms to speed up trade settlement, as a major index rebalance scheduled to occu
  2. Ofgem rule change could see new energy customers get cheaper deals this winter

    By Temi Laleye Ofgem has proposed bringing forward the removal of a ban on energy firms offering cheaper deals to new customers, in a bid to generate competition between suppliers. The proposed action could take place from October meaning customers could be offered better deals wit
  3. Market On Close: The Resilience of Tech Stocks Amid Economic Fluctuations | April 10, 2024

    Recently, we've seen a significant shake-up in the bond market, with many sectors experiencing downturns. Despite this, the stock market has shown remarkable resilience, especially thanks to the strong performance of technology stocks. This situation suggests a complex relationsh
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Glass House CEO 'Legalizing Cannabis Isn't Just About The Economy, It's About Righting Past Wrongs'

    By Abbey Higginbotham As California’s cannabis industry grows, industry leaders like Kyle Kazan ‘s experiences are priceless for understanding this market’s unique challenges and opportunities. At the Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight: California on Thursday, Kazan, CEO of Glass H
  5. The property market is bouncing back but the stakes couldn't be higher - analysis by property expert Jonathan Rolande

    By Jonathan Rolande The stakes right now couldn’t be higher. After a very difficult 2023, the housing market is bouncing back. Prices are stabilising in many areas. Banks are lending. A healthy amount of property is coming onto the market. And sellers, who market their property at t
  6. Oil Powerhouses Unite: Saudi Arabia And Russia Join Forces For Market Shake-Up!

    #Russia #SaudiArabia #Putin #CrownPrince #MohammedBinSalman #OilCuts #MarketStability #SaudiRussiaAlliance #GlobalEnergy #PriceFluctuations #OilMarketBalance