1. The assemblages of flagging and de-platforming against marginalised content creators

    This study examines how de-platforming and flagging, two elements of social media content moderation, assemble to replicate offline inequalities, making content creators at the margins vulnerable to both online abuse and censorship on Instagram and TikTok . The assemblages of flagg
  2. Kenya Gets 45th Tribe after William Ruto's Approval

    By Sefu Sabila The Nubian community is set to be recognised as a tribe in Kenya after years of living as a marginalised community in the country The community is spread across the urban slums of Nairobi in Kibera, Kibigori in Kisumu and Mazeras in Mombasa They become the 45th tribe
  3. Measles Outbreaks Reveal Extent—and Danger—of Disability Stigma | Opinion

    By Sam Streuli Newly reported measles cases in Chicago are the latest in a potentially deadly—and highly preventable—string of outbreaks, which have been recorded in at least 17 states since the start of 2024. These outbreaks are a direct result of anti-vaccination misinformation
  4. Leonard Leo and the Unholy Trinity (with Tom Carter)

    By Greg Olear On these pages, I’ve written extensively about Leonard Leo. In February of 2021—three full years ago—I wrote a piece called “Leo the Cancer,” an introduction to a dark money maestro his BFF Clarence Thomas once called, without hyperbole, the third most powerful man i
  5. Exclusive Interview: “Bugsy & Other Stories” Author Rafael Frumkin

    In my new interview with writer Rafael Frumkin about their first short story collection "Bugsy & Other Stories," they talk about why its underlying theme is "life on the margins." 📖 🖊️ #RafaelFrumkin #RafaelFrumkinInterview #RafaelFrumkinBugsy #RafaelFrumkinBugsyInterview #RafaelFrum
  6. $1.2M Reparations To Black Californians To “Apologize” For Racism #Reparations #SystemicRacism #SocialJustice #Inequality #MarginalizedCommunities