1. Celebrating Hanukkah in the Face of Antisemitism

    By Diana Fersko If you have heard about Hanukkah, you’ve probably heard about the story of the miracle of light. There was only enough oil to light the Temple in Jerusalem for one night, but it lasted for eight. That’s the Hanukkah miracle. I like this story and I like its messag
  2. Farewell, Liz Magill

    #HappyHanukkah #Happy4thNight Had to drop in to wish Kol Yisrael a happy 4th night. Hanukkah Sameach! I bid a fond farewell to Liz Magill! One down two to go!! P.S. Columbia Law School Dean just resigned too. Moral clarity is important. Free speech doesn't give you a license to s
  3. BUCKS COUNTY BITS After his victory at Trenton, Washington recrossed the Delaware & eventually settled in Valley Forge. On December 17, 1777, he noticed Private Asher Pollack sitting alone over two lit candles. Asher explained it was Hanukkah & this symbolized the burning of oil b