1. Advent calendars: Why we have treats each December day - and why it ends on Christmas Eve

    By Mizy Judah Clifton Slowly eating our way through advent calendars is a staple of the festive season that makes the countdown to Christmas all the more delicious. But why do we stop on Christmas Eve? Advent is not just the name given to treat-filled calendars. It is also the begin
  2. Gaza, A View From Istanbul: Why I Still Believe In Western Values

    By Murat Sevinç & DIKEN -Essay- ISTANBUL — Civilians in Palestine are being bombed in front of our eyes . The “civilized” world continues to stand witness to the reckless use of violence by Israel, as it has done so many times before. Yet a part of the world does not just witness th
  3. November 14

    By Jo Paoletti 1975 TGIF, indeed! Payday, too! Hopefully, I will spend two hours at the library, and not poop out at 1 pm. There’s still much to do…I want to finish some of the readings I have found, and order the ones the library doesn’t have. Then, I need to do some thing over th
  4. Celebrating One Year: What Being Progressive Means To Me!

    Hello, friends, I hope you’re keeping well this Armistice Day - or, as it’s known in the U.S., Veterans Day. Exactly one year ago I launched The Progressive Cafe as a sort of repository for my thoughts on various topics. I’ve always been that guy who writes a long, citation-laden
  5. October 30

    By Jo Paoletti 1979 Just washed my pen, can’t do a thing with it. Here I am, doing nothing about the Cambodians. What can I do? I have no church, not much money, no courage. Comment 2023 Here I am doing nothing about Ukraine, about Israel, and Palestine. I have more money than I did i