1. Health Problems That Can Cause Shortness Of Breath

    Shortness of breath or dyspnea is a feeling when a person may gasp for breath and experience chest tightness. This can be a common symptom of serious heart and lung conditions but in most cases, it is caused due to underlying lung issues. If you experience chronic dyspnea along w
  2. 'Smoking was killing me, vaping only made me sicker, this is how I finally stopped'

    By Saffron Otter Chloe Slasberg remembers her first cigarette vividly, and regrets it intensely. After being a goody-two-shoes throughout most of her teenage years, it was on her very first night out at 17 that someone outside the pub offered her one. It was 'love at first puff', a
  3. Uganda: Urgent Call for Affordable Oxygen As Lung Diseases Surge in Uganda

    By Jamila Mulindwa / Nile Post [Nile Post] Health experts at Makerere University Lung Institute have emphasized the pressing need for a reduction in oxygen costs to aid patients battling lung diseases, particularly those facing the silent threat of silicosis. The plea was made duri
  4. #COPD #Medicine #LungDiseases #science