1. 'We're not a Cinderella': Oakland's Jack Gohlke early March Madness star as Kentucky upset

    Jack Gohlke became the first star of the 2024 NCAA tournament Thursday. Here's what to know about the Oakland March Madness star. By Ayrton Ostly, USA TODAY The first day of the 2024 March Madness tournament featured multiple upsets, the biggest coming in the South region where No.
  2. Men's NCAA Tournament 2024: 10 bold predictions for March Madness

    The NCAA men's tournament is always filled with chaos and upsets. Here are some wild predictions of what could happen this season. By Jordan Mendoza, USA TODAY All No. 1 seeds going to the Final Four? No Cinderella runs? What's the fun in that? The NCAA men's tournament is all about
  3. March Madness: Men's college basketball conference tournament schedules and brackets

    The race for NCAA men's tournament berths kicks off the drama of March Madness with 32 teams clinching automatic berths. A look at the schedules. By USA TODAY The madness is officially here with the calendar turning to March. Automatic berths to the NCAA men's tournament are on the
  4. Gonzaga faces critical weekend that could extend NCAA tournament streak or see bubble burst

    Gonzaga has been in every NCAA men's tournament in the 21st century. However, this year a spot isn't guaranteed with critical weekend ahead. By Jordan Mendoza, USA TODAY The year was 1998. The Kentucky Wildcats won their seventh national championship, Antawn Jamison of North Carolin
  5. Sacramento State's Matt Masciangelo was hit an astounding 8 times in 9 at-bats

    I'm not sure this is what Sacramento State's Matt Masciangelo meant when he hoped for a lot of hits this season. Eight HBPs in nine PAs. By Jon Hoefling, USA TODAY Getting hit by a pitch is either a blessing or a curse. Sure, you get to walk to first base, but at the cost of the se
  6. Prince Jackson Through the Years: Photos of Michael Jackson’s Eldest Child

    By Jennifer Phang Prince Jackson quietly carries on Dad, Michael Jackson’s, legacy. Celebrate his February 13th birthday with a look at him through the years. Prince Jackson is the oldest child of the one and only Michael Jackson and his ex Debbie Rowe . Born in 1997, he qu
  7. IVF may be tax deductible, but LGTBQ+ couples less likely to get write-offs

    The IRS says certain infertility treatments are tax deductible, but experts say the rules in this area are hazy, especially for LBGTQ+ couples. By Bailey Schulz, USA TODAY Infertility treatments aren’t cheap, with a single round of in vitro fertilization costing upwards of $20,000 .
  8. Heartbreaking day in Westchester.

    https://ktla.com/news/local-news/loyola-marymount-university-to-cut-six-varsity-sports-programs?utm_source=ktla_app&utm_medium=social&utm_content=share-link It was either cut these sports or drop to Division II.
  9. 'Shark Tank' fans tired of silicone baby products after The Table Tyke's placemat is pitched on ABC show

    By Meenal Mehta LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Berlyn Haughton, a mother from Fresno has come up with a solution to make dining out or at home easier for parents with children. The Table Tyke is designed to keep your child safe during meals and make cleaning up easier. The detachable fea