1. #supportLiveTheatre #music Took my 90 yr old mom to see Tina last night. 3 hours of awesome fun and song. Powerhouse cast. We saw the real Tina years ago in concert. Same energy, but there's only one Tina. 👑 🎶 🎭
  2. Dame Sheila Hancock says Mirror’s Partygate investigation led growing ­distrust of politicians

    By Jeremy Armstrong Dame Sheila Hancock ­ says that the Mirror’s Partygate ­revelations exposed Boris Johnson as a liar and led to a growing ­distrust of politicians. The pioneering actress, in Newcastle for a fundraiser at the Live Theatre, captivated the sellout crowd with stories
  3. The Circumstance of What's Given debuts tonight!

    My daughter's play, The Circumstance of What's Given, that she is assistant directing debuts tonight at the Sierra Madre Playhouse.🎭 This is an original piece written by the actors, director and assistant directors. The actors and assistant directors are high school students. My
  4. Ellen's Boys stuns audiences with its accurate depiction of an Irish American family in Boston

    By Alana Loftus True Repertory Theatre is presenting a new view of old Boston in its nostalgic and comforting play, Ellen’s Boys. Victoria Bond, who plays Ellen, said: “The response from the audience is like no play we’ve ever done. People really identified with these characters.”
  5. #livetheatre just saw #OtterbeinUniversity theatre production of #cabaret love live theatre. BRAVO 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼