1. Live feed of the volcano eruption near Grindavik in Iceland #Iceland #Volcano #LiveFeeds
  2. If you want everyone in your house to come in to ask WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE I recommend this sea lion live cam.
  3. Big Brother 25 Jag Said on Live Feeds It Would’ve Been Cowardly to Evict Matt — Just Play the Game!

    Jag decided not to evict Matt from Big Brother 25 — not for strategic reasons but because he would be a "coward" to do it, as he said on Live Feeds. Just play the game! 1st TikTok today: You can also see my thoughts on Jag's refusal to play the damn game as a YouTube Short: Or on
  4. Bowie Jane Admitted on Big Brother 25 Live Feeds That She Didn’t Know What Was Going On In the Game

    In the final week of Big Brother 25 Live Feeds, Bowie Jane talked to Felicia and admitted being “an idiot” earlier in the game, even mentioning what viewers must think. Indeed. 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Bowie Jane reminiscing about having no clue as a YouTube Short! Or on
  5. Cirie Told Us What She Really Thinks of the House and the People on the Big Brother 25 Live Feeds!

    Cirie has HAD IT with the Big Brother 25 house and the people who remain there — as she made clear in just a few words she said on the Live Feeds. 3rd TikTok today: You can also hear what Cirie has to say as a YouTube Short: Or on Instagram: #BB25 #BigBrother25 #BigBrother #WhyXL
  6. Big Brother 25 Blue Told Us Her Ideal Final 3 On Live Feeds, Which Is Wrong for Many Reasons

    Blue was still clueless about being the target this week as she talked on Live Feeds about her best way to win Big Brother 25. While she was half right about who would beat her, she was still wrong about others. If it mattered. 2nd TikTok today: You can also see Blue telling us h
  7. Big Brother Host Julie Chen Moonves Claims to Watch Live Feeds — But I Doubt It

    In the Big Brother 25th anniversary special, Julie Chen Moonves claimed she’d found herself watching the live feeds when nothing was happening. But many of us have serious doubts that she EVER watches the live feed or really has much idea of anything that’s going on in the house!