1. Sanctions on MAGA Attorneys, Lin Wood and the Kraken Lady, Sidney Powell will remain intact. #WhinersNeverWin #GOPTraitors #MAGAExtremism #WhinerCrimer #LinWood #SidneyPowellGuilty #SidneyPowell
  2. Historic town crowned one of the best - and it's nine miles from major city

    By Sean Murphy & Lucy Skoulding The best places to live in Scotland have been revealed in a new list and one town near Glasgow has taken the top spot. The historic town of Kirkintilloch nestled at the foot of the Campsie Fells has been crowned as 2024's best place to live in a rank
  3. Continuing my Mafia analogy in Georgia. Remember what I said about any attorneys flipping? Jack Smith has THREE flipped lawyers in Florida Fani willis has FOUR of Trump's own attorneys testifying against him Jenna Ellis Cheesy McBro Kraken Lady and Lin Wood who plea bargained earlier! F
  4. #USPolitics #politics #Trump #BigLieUpdate UPDATED Participating in the #BigLie has consequences: #RudyGiuliani : $148M lawsuit Filled for bankruptcy #FOXNews : $787.5M settlement #OneAmerica : Settlement (undisclosed amount) #SidneyPowell : 6 years probation #JennaEllis : 5 years probation #Kenn
  5. TRUMP LEGAL DREAM TEAM Michael Cohen 1,2,3,4,7,8 John Eastman 1,2,3,7 Lin Wood 2,7,8 Jenna Ellis 3,4,5,7,8 Jeff Clark 3,6,7 Giuliani 1,2,3,5,6,7,9 1 Raided by FBI 2 Lost law license 3 Indicted 4 Confessed 5 Incident with fart 6 Incident with pants 7 Not paid 8 Testifies against Trump 9 Bankrupt
  6. #USPolitics #politics #Trump UPDATED Participating in the #BigLie has consequences: #RudyGiuliani : $148M lawsuit #FOXNews : $787.5M settlement #OneAmerica : Settlement (undisclosed amount) #SidneyPowell : 6 years probation #JennaEllis : 5 years probation #KennethChesebro : 5 years probation #ScottH
  7. Let me expand on that a bit (deal in one or both) Bill Barr, Mike Pence. We know they have deals both with Jack Smith & Georgia Meadows has deal with Jack Smith but NOT in Georgia Bannon, has deal in Georgia, likely NOT in federal Lin Wood has deal in Georgia most likely has also wit
  8. Next up in Georgia: Jenna Ellis flips! The Flatulence Barbie is fourth* confirmed flip in Georgia (Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Ken Chesebro and now Jenna Ellis). All testify against Trump, Giuliani, Meadows & Eastman.. (PS Told you So) * or fifth if Boris Epshteyn has also flipped as
  9. Prosecutors in Georgia election interference case want to hear from Alex Jones and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel

    By Alex Woodward Prosecutors in Georgia are seeking witness testimony from InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the chair of the Republican National Committee for the upcoming trial of Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell , who are being tried separately from Donald T