1. WIP - Linton Kwesi Johnson

    Linton is blocked-in. Now to continue working on refining his face while the newly painted areas cure for a day or two. The original reference photo was in black and white. Luckily other colour photos exist from the same photo shoot on the net, but I'm still having to use my imag
  2. WIP While my portrait of Prince Rogers Nelson contemplates his new perpective in life, awaiting his return to the easel for the final round, I have decided to do some more work on the third portrait in my tryptic: Poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson. The blocking-in stage is such an ugly
  3. Benjamin Zephaniah's lasting legacy from pioneering poetry to rejecting Queen's honour

    By Serena Richards Benjamin Zephaniah could be considered one of the first pioneers of Black British writing. Fans have been left heartbroken after his family today announced that the acclaimed poet has died aged 65 - just eight weeks after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Born