1. Winter Animal Paintings in Progress

    These four small WIP paintings are like the start to a winter joke: A bunny, a bear, two cats, and three birds walk into a blizzard ... I don't have a punchline and I'm not good at writing jokes, so maybe it could be a winter story instead! What next line would you write? #bear #bunn
  2. Happy National Cat Day!

    “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” Happy #NationalCatDay ! Hope you’re stuck in the middle of a wonderful and supportive group, who sometimes like to joke and clown around. #cats #catdrawing #linedrawings #lineart #kitties #fr
  3. Don't worry about witches, or witch kitties and birds.

    Don't worry about witches. Beware of book banners! Another image in my spooky season banned books series. Also for SCBWI's #scbwiArtober2023 (bird) and #scaryandsweet2023 (covens and cats). #cat #kitty #pumpkins #reading #storytime #bannedbooks #bannedbooksweek #linedrawing #linear
  4. Banning Books is Batty

    Another spooky book banning drawing, this time with a bat and a cat! Also, two colorways for @thecolourcoop 's prompt (on IG): Bats, and the original color I drew it in, purple. Which color do you like best? Image Descriptions: same image, but different colored line art each time.
  5. trying, failing, and social media

    Do you ever try something that doesn’t work? I try lots of things that don’t work out, especially with my art. Sometimes it can be fixed or revised, like this simple animation that needed a few tries to make work. It could still be improved, which I hope will help me do better ne
  6. A ghost, cat, spider, birds, and pumpkins!

    A drawing today for The Colour Coop's October challenge and color palette. Couldn't resist combining the first four prompts, pumpkin patch, spider, ghost, and black cat! Also including my image of the birds having a pumpkin car race from yesterday. I like to imagine these little b