1. Chinese scientists reveal novel mechanism of angiosperm self-incompatibility

    By Zhang Nannan Self-incompatibility (SI) is a widespread intraspecific reproductive barrier in flowering plants, a system for rejecting self-pollen to prevent seed set after self-pollination. In Solanaceae, Plantaginaceae, Rosaceae, and Rutaceae, the SI system is controlled by a
  2. Dilemma

    As an aging white male, the ELCA aggressively discouraged my pursuing ministry as a career ( or indeed any participation). I've seen it many times. This led me to a path of the newly unchurched trending agnostic to atheistic. What would be your recommendations for alternatives.
  3. Drug-to-Antibody Ratio Analysis Methods

    Average drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) and drug load distribution are two vital properties of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Over the years, several ADC bioanalytical methods have been developed to better estimate these properties for early development and routine quality control