1. Lawrence O'Donnell -- Brutally Direct -- Facts

    Notes 5/14/2024: "Trump made trial look like it was a nursing home." Also, discusses Speaker Johnson's and the GOP's "support for everything Donald Trump is accused of in this trial." Speaker Johnson "who uses his religion as a sword and a shield every day."17 mins. @tomnichols
  2. New York County Supreme Criminal!

    How in hell does an MSNBC video get replaced by a crochet video on a Post on my feed?? 🤔 Let’s try again!! Ben Meiselas has also reported on how tRvmp’s handlers keep his narcissistic mind focused and happy in his (seemingly few) waking moments during his #electioninterferencetrial
  3. OMG This is Off the Hook

    MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell has been calling it exactly as it is forever. Last night's program was off the hook! Whoa Nelly. The words Orange Turd come up a lot. A lot. This is a must watch. Stormy has a quick whit and seems pretty charming. One can guess how this went over with t
  4. Must Watch. #LawrenceOdonnell #LastWord #OrangeTurd
  5. Lawrence O'Donnell Calls 'Em Like He Sees 'Em

    From Day 1, MSNBC's Lawrence O'donnell has been calling a lie a lie. Missed the beginning of tonight's program, but will definitely catch it tomorrow when it is posted. #theLastWordWithLawrenceOdonnell #MSNBC
  6. Trump Trials / Possible Gag Order Violations

    Wouldn't it be easier to provide security for someone in a static environment? No one is above the law. [link below to MSNBC Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell] #MSNBC #LawrenceOdonnell #ViolatingGagOrder #TrumpTrials #AndrewWeissmann
  7. Joe, Rachel, Lawrence - complaining IS NOT ENOUGH

    Blah blah blah Joe - it’s not enough. You can ramble on for an entire segment about how horrible it is for your company to hire an insurrectionist, but it’s not enough. Have some balls and take a real stance. Cancel and end your show until Ronna McLiar is fired from NBC. Rachel Ma
  8. While some rail against Nancy Pelosi, she is a hero compared to some, or one... Laurence Tribe 🇺🇦 ⚖️ @tribelaw What an anti-legacy! Lawrence O'Donnell @Lawrence After an average Republican beginning of his Senate career, McConnell went on to do more harm to the Senate than any other Se
  9. 2nd in Line to the Presidency/The Cameras Were On

    #MSNBC 's #LawrenceODonnell reposted The Intellectualist 2/4/2024. @joycewhitevance responded. @lastweektonight @vanityfair [multiple links] PS: He's 2nd in line to the presidency. Vote accordingly.