1. ChatGPT Allows Users to Have It Remember Them

    ChatGPT Allows Users to Have It Remember Them Click to see how a new ChatGPT feature will make using the platform more personal. #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #OpenAI #ChatGPT #tech #technology #LLM #LLMs #LargeLanguageModels #chatbot #chatbots
  2. AI is here – and everywhere: 3 AI researchers look to the challenges ahead in 2024

    By Anjana Susarla, Michigan State University; Casey Fiesler, University of Colorado Boulder, and Kentaro Toyama, University of Michigan 2023 was an inflection point in the evolution of artificial intelligence and its role in society. The year saw the emergence of generative AI , wh
  3. Chatbots: Likely to hallucinate?

    Dictionary.com just revealed its winner for 2023 Word of the Year, and it's somewhat unexpected. It's an old word with a new meaning, one I didn't know. The winner is the verb hallucinate . Its new meaning connects the word to artificial intelligence and chatbots. In this sense, t
  4. Why OpenAI developing an artificial intelligence that's good at math is such a big deal

    By Tom Oliver With the recent sacking and swift rehiring of Sam Altman by OpenAI, debates around the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) are once again in the spotlight. What's more unusual is that a prominent theme in media reporting has been the ability of AI sys
  5. AI researchers introduce GAIA: A benchmark testing tool for general AI assistants

    By Bob Yirka A team of researchers affiliated with AI startups Gen AI, Meta, AutoGPT, HuggingFace and Fair Meta, has developed a benchmark tool for use by makers of AI assistants, particularly those that make Large Language Model based products, to test their applications as poten
  6. Bitdeer Joins Forces With Nvidia In Cloud Service Launch

    By Austin DeNoce Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR ), a trailblazer in blockchain and high-performance computing , has recently announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA ), marking a significant milestone in its journey. This collaboration heralds
  7. UAE Unveils Jais Climate, a Locally Developed AI Model to Empower Climate Action

    By Chris McKay As the eyes of the world turn to the Middle East for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, the UAE has unveiled an innovative new AI model aimed at driving climate awareness and sustainability. Dubbed "Jais Climate," this specialized
  8. Hedge Fund Titan Peter Brown Built A Large Language Model 35 Years Ago: Read What It Wrote

    By AJ Fabino In a recent episode of “Goldman Sachs Exchanges: Great Investors ,” Raj Mahajan, who is the firm's global head of Systematic Client Franchise, Global Banking and Markets, had a conversation with Peter Brown , CEO of the legendary quantitative trading firm Renaissance Te