1. The Media Research Center whined that non-right-wing media were moving on from the Lakewood church shooting (in which only the shooter was killed) -- but had relatively little to say about a Michigan school shooting (in which 3 students died). Read more >>
  2. Armed woman started shooting at church with seven-year-old son by her side

    By George Bunn A woman who started shooting at a megachurch in Texas had her seven-year-old son at her side. Authorities identified the woman as 36-year-old Genesse Moreno, saying she had opened fire inside Lakewood Church in Houston on February 11. Two off-duty law enforcement offi
  3. Chilling bodycam footage captures moment shooter opened fire in Joel Osteen’s megachurch

    By Martha McHardy Chilling bodycam footage released on Monday shows the moment a shooter opened fire at Joel Osteen’s megachurch on 11 February. Houston police released footage from two officers who were at Lakewood Church when a female shooter opened fire, injuring a 57-year-old m
  4. Lakewood Church shooting: Footage shows cops firing at suspect Genesse Moreno as she yelled about having a bomb

    By Aarzoo Kalyan Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised. HOUSTON, TEXAS: Body cam footage from Houston police was made public on Monday, February 26. It showed off-duty police officers confronting an individ
  5. Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church holds first service since shooting that left seven-year-old fighting for life

    By Michelle Del Rey Joel Osteen ’s Lakewood Church has held its first service since a woman opened fire on the property last week. Genesse Ivonne Moreno , 36, was shot dead by off-duty officers working security at the church after she opened fire inside a building as the church was g
  6. Boy who was shot in the head during Joel Osteen megachurch shooting has part of brain removed

    By Mataeo Smith The grandmother of the boy who was shot in the head at celebrity pastor Joel Osteen's megachurch earlier this month has lost a portion of his frontal lobe while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Walli Carranza made a Facebook post three days after the shooting,
  7. Could a red flag law have stopped the Lakewood Church shooting?

    By Kelly Rissman “A completely preventable horror.” This is how the Lakewood Church shooter’s former mother-in-law described the shooting which rocked Joel Osteen’s megachurch and the Houston community this weekend. Genesse Moreno , the 36-year-old woman identified as the shooter, en
  8. Ted Cruz and Don Jr boost debunked claim Lakewood Church shooter was a transgender woman

    By Io Dodds Conservative pundits, activists, and politicians have continued to spread the unfounded claim that the Lakewood church shooter was a transgender woman – even after it was kiboshed by police. Genesse Moreno, 36, opened fire inside Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston, Te
  9. The Far Right Is Spreading Misinformation Claiming the Lakewood Church Shooter Was Trans

    The Far Right Is Spreading Misinformation Claiming the Lakewood Church Shooter Was Trans #Politics #USPolitics #Misinformation #LakewoodChurch #LakewoodChurchShooting #GOP #Republicans #CHAYARAICHIK #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Trans #Transgender