1. Simon Cowell issues three-word response as ITV Britain's Got Talent star hit with 'tech issue'

    By Daniel Bird A Britain's Got Talent act hit a snag mere moments into their routine, but Simon Cowell didn't miss a beat. The ITV spectacle returned on Tuesday (May 28) for the second live semi-final, with acts like dance troupe Blitzers and magician Jack Rhodes vying for that cov
  2. Top 50+ male Disney characters of all time and why we love them

    By Alice Wabwile Disney has a long history of creating beloved characters, and among them are numerous male characters who have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. From charming princes to adventurous heroes, these characters have left a lasting impact on children and adul
  3. A "Lady and the Tramp" comic book tie-in with BUTTER

    1955 DELL #comjcbook The DAIRY INDUSTRY BUREAU was able to print their name on a free giveaway comic book. Dell comics tied the promotion of the Disney movie - "Lady and the Tramp", with BUTTER. The humorous comic tagline "BUTTER late than never". Ha! Ha! Ha! #popculture #50s #vin