1. Did June Shannon lie about Michael Cardwell lawsuit? 'Mama June' star says was not served in Anna Cardwell's ex's battle for Kaitlyn's custody

    By Archi Biswas MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA: Mama June Shanon has been stuck in controversy since the death of her eldest daughter Anna Cardwell in December 2023. From asking for financial help from the viewers to planning a Christmas trip to Disney land and asking for gift money to act
  2. Honey Boo Boo's family will split dead sisters ashes after tragic cancer death

    By Lauren Gordon Honey Boo Boo - real name Alana Thomspon - and her family are set to divide and share Anna 'Chikadee' Caldwell's ashes following her untimely death. Over the weekend, Alana's mother Mama June announced Anna 's death at the age of 29 after being diagnosed with termi
  3. Mama June's late daughter Anna Cardwell secretly married Eldridge Toney amid tragic cancer diagnosis

    By Khushali Srivastava GORDON, GEORGIA: Reality star Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell, known for her appearances on television alongside Mama June Shannon, secretly tied the knot with her partner, Eldridge Toney, following a devastating diagnosis of stage 4 adrenal carcinoma in January. T