1. 'And Just Like That's Samantha and Carrie's reunion was an embarrassing abomination'

    By Sara Wallis It was billed as TV’s hottest reunion, the return of the iconic Sex and the City glam-pack, but Kim Cattrall’s cameo in last night’s finale of And Just Like That… fell flatter than a faux-pas at fashion week. After more than a decade of rumoured feuds between the cas
  2. Samantha Jones Has a One-Night Stand With And Just Like That…

    In the show’s second season finale, Kim Cattrall made her brief but blissful return to the SATC universe in style. By Savannah Walsh It’s been 85 sleeps since Kim Cattrall ’s return as Samantha Jones on the second season of And Just Like That … was announced—and the tortuous wait to