1. Are dual-fuel ovens worth it?

    By Tyler Wells Lynch and Cassidy Olsen Hybrid cars are the perfect example of gas and electric working together in seamless harmony. If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, however, you might want to consider another kind of hybrid. Dual-fuel ranges combine an electric oven wit
  2. Transform Your Space: Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Near Mission Viejo

    Are you looking to breathe new life into your home? Perhaps your kitchen feels outdated, or your bathroom lacks the functionality and style you desire. Whatever your renovation needs, IGS Construction is here to help. As the go-to destination for kitchen remodeling near Mission V
  3. Before & After: This Kitchen Had Plenty of Natural Light But Needed a Serious Style Upgrade

    By Sarah Yang The kitchen in this 1970s William Rutledge-designed house in Mercer Island, Washington , had some good bones and an enviable asset: plenty of light. “The house incorporates many elements of the era such as vertical glass that wraps into a skylight, split-level arrange
  4. Kitchen configuration-ready to go tomorrow!

    Next step is having a handyman take down the upper cabinets and cut the countertop so I can pull out the bottom cabinets (I think I can do that while I have him cut the laminate countertop for the sink, faucet, etc. Gotta get all this out of here tomorrow, if at all possible). Ho
  5. Kitchen remodel for those who don't cook*

    Most people: Ok, I'm remodeling the kitchen and need to be sure I have a counter to do food prep and need to be sure that the range is accessible. Me: Ok, I'm remodeling the kitchen, but in the five months I've lived here I've never used the oven and only used the cooktop 3 times.