1. Tyler McBrien: Now to another inconsistency: dinner vs no dinner. Necheles reads Daniels' statement on Kimmel, in which she said "I'm very food motivated," and Daniels just giggles to herself and her food-driven actions. But Necheles says that Daniels said she had eaten at the ho
  2. #giftarticle “If your main criticism of your opponent is that he’s sleepy, so much so that you call him ‘Sleepy Joe,’ then I would say that your one job as a candidate is to not fall asleep in public” #SleepyDon #SleepyJoe #sleep #court #SethMeyers #StormyDaniels #StephenColbert #
  3. Funny Time...

    Here's Kimmel's monologue for Thursday night. He's on 🔥 and the Lara Trump singing thing was surprisingly hilarious. I hate the Unnecessary Censorship segments, so I skipped that part at the end. Enjoy the rest though...
  4. "Beware misplaced reverence." Note the late night hosts are getting real social traction with #MSM for ridiculing #spraytan . #MorningJoe frequently opens with a #Colbert or #Kimmel clip, and congresscritters are getting in on the populism/democracy. #uspolitics #Moskowitz
  5. The highlight of the Oscars for me was the sharing of Donald Trmp's Truth Social Post. 🤣 #Trump #Oscars #Kimmel #OriginalContent
  6. Why Would Trump Post About the Oscars?

    He only posted because he has long has a personal beef with Kimmel. But Jimmy definitely isn't going to let something like this slide when he can say anything he wants on live television in rebuttal. So of course this was a brutal takedown, and well deserved. TFG has never won a
  7. #Oscars were awesome and #Kimmel was funny
  8. So, it's been a day or two.. Judging from the responses of the media and other non-media entities, it is much safer for a white man to casually accuse someone of pedophilia than it is for a black man to point out racial inequalities in policing. I just happen to think it's worse
  9. Mike Lindell's voter fraud 'summit' derailed when he accidentally played Kimmel clip