1. Brendan Fraser's weight gain in the Whale movie explained

    By Gladys Mokeira Obiero In a surprising return to the big screen, Brendan Fraser completely changed his appearance to play an overweight man in The Whale . He played Charlie, a 600-pound English professor trying to reunite with his daughter. This performance has sparked conversati
  2. The Osage Nation v. The Koch Bros:

    Upcoming documentary details how Charles and David Koch made billions off the Osage people's oil money | by Zach D. Roberts for The Progressive Get the full story at GregPalast.com #Osage #OsageNation #Oil #Koch #KochOil #KochBros #KochBrothers #Oklahoma #KillersOfTheFlowerMoon #L
  3. Up on the hill on a street called Grandview, (for a reason) is the Osage Nation headquarters. Nestled in their campus you'll find a little piece of historic treasure. The oldest tribal museum in the USA. Welcome to the Osage Nation Museum where you can explore Osage culture and mo
  4. How Martin Scorsese, Thelma and Louise, Beyoncé’s Manicure, and More Are in the DNA of Cowboy Carter

    Notes released around the new album reveal eclectic influences. By Kase Wickman Beyoncé may have only officially announced her latest album , Cowboy Carter , last month, a scant six weeks before its release date, but it’s been a long time coming. In a press release out Friday, she r
  5. 'Kinds of Kindness' trailer teases Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos's 'Poor Things' follow-up

    The first teaser for Kinds of Kindness proves that the dynamic duo of Emma Stone and director Yorgos Lanthimos clearly isn't going anywhere. Stone and Lanthimos have previously collaborated on The Favourite , the short film Bleat , and Poor Things , for which Stone won her second Aca
  6. Lily Gladstone Is “Feeling the Love Big Time” Even After Oscars 2024 Loss

    Gladstone, who would have become the first Indigenous or Native American person to win an Oscar for acting, lost the best-actress award to Poor Things’ Emma Stone. By Savannah Walsh Despite walking away from the Oscars 2024 empty-handed, Lily Gladstone says she is “feeling the love
  7. The Oscars’ Spectacle of Seriousness

    By Adam Nayman “The movies are just a little bit over 100 years old,” said Christopher Nolan while accepting his citation as best director at last night’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles—a precursor to the London-born filmmaker’s hugely admired (and box-office-busting) biography of
  8. Oscars 2024: Emotional moments as Osage Tribal singers' 'Wahzhazhe' performance leaves fans teary-eyed

    By Anamika Bharti LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: For the first time in history, the Osage Tribal Singers graced the ' Oscars ' stage, delivering a powerful performance. Leading with the poignant rendition of ' Wahzhazhe ' (A Song For My People) from the western crime drama movie ' Killers of
  9. Seeing Like a Location Scout

    What might the rest of us learn from someone whose job it is to observe places really closely? I met movie location scout Aaron Hurvitz at a wedding last summer and immediately thought (1) cool suit , and (2) interesting job – seems like a curiosity enterprise to me! Aaron’s locat
  10. Don’t Worry, Ryan Gosling Will Perform “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars

    After weeks of speculation, the best-supporting-actor nominee confirmed that he’ll take the stage at this year’s ceremony. By Chris Murphy It looks like the Oscars are getting a much-needed boost of Kenergy. Daily Mail reports that Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling will be performing the