1. I've been spending a chunk of this evening aiming on getting the balance of warm shadow versus cool light right. The scene is fairly nebulous, the forms half-formed. The next layer will be where I focus much more on developing forms, shadow and detail. I've stopped now as it's 'st
  2. I've just finished removing all the drawing work and grid, leaving the 'inking in' outlines with this mix of cadmium red, ultramarine and titanium white stain-wash. I'm already loving the marks and the movement across the width of the canvas. For comparison, the second image is
  3. A work-in-progress, 'Go Outdoors', 50x50cm

    A work-in-progress currently sitting on my easel. I've Just finished the acrylic underpainting, with oil colour layers still to come. Looking down a misty, street lamp lit, Hill Street, here in Sheffield, with the sign of the 'Go Outside' camping store being the main focus. An e
  4. Tower, 2023

    Here's a painting I've finished recently, and further below you can see a video of the layers that went into the construction of the painting. 'Tower', 2023 Acrylic and oil on stretched canvas. 106.7cm (42”) x 81.3cm (32”) Currently NFS A photo of the painting 'Tower' Me with the pain
  5. Hello there. πŸ‘‹

    This is my first Post post. Let’s see how this goes. For folks new to me, I'm Andy, and I'm a painter of nocturnal cityscape paintings, predominantly of Sheffield, UK. [see my attached photos] You can see more of my work over on Instagram at www.instagram.com/andycropperart πŸ‘πŸ§‘πŸ‘ #p