1. Meet Travis Hunter's girlfriend, Leanna Lee, who is a YouTuber

    By Teresia Mwangi The name Travis Hunter does not need an introduction in the football world. He is a famous American cornerback and wide receiver playing for the Colorado Buffaloes. Travis has amassed a huge fan base worldwide thanks to his outstanding performance on the pitch. H
  2. Georgia Lawmakers Propose Modest Changes to State Film Tax Credits

    By Joe Lancaster After nearly two decades, Georgia lawmakers have proposed cutting back on the state's generous tax credits for film and TV productions, but the proposed cuts are much too meager to make a difference. Georgia's entertainment tax credits have been in place since 2005
  3. New Study Examines How Marijuana Legalization Shapes College Basketball And Football Recruiting

    By Joana Scopel A recent study conducted by researchers at Georgia College & State University and Kennesaw State University looked at the relationship between marijuana legalization and recruitment outcomes in college sports, specifically in the realms of basketball and football. P
  4. Details of why Tinubu spent 2 years for 4-year course at Chicago State University emerge

    By Adekunle Dada The reason why President Bola Ahmed Tinubu spent just 2 years 4-year course at Chicago State University has emerged A media scholar, Farooq Kperogi, said Tinubu spent just 2 years at CSU because he transferred from Richard J. Daley College Kperogi said he can confid