1. 'It was desperately sad': Matthew Perry’s ex Kayti Edwards reveals 'horrific' step actor took to quit drugs

    By Divya Kishore LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Matthew Perry ’s former girlfriend Kayti Edwards has opened up about the time when the ‘Friends’ star was at the height of his drug addiction and had to take a terrifying step to save himself. Edwards, who was in a relationship with the acto
  2. Matthew Perry's ex Kayti Edwards calls for investigation of his doctors, says she 'wasn't surprised' over cause of death

    By Nabanita Pain LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: After Matthew Perry 's autopsy revealed that the 'Friends' star overdosed on ketamine, his ex-girlfriend Kayti Edwards demanded an investigation into his doctors. The autopsy report, released on Friday, December 15, provides a bleak image of